it’s better to have one problem than two. It seems such an obvious statement but it’s one of my motto.

Maybe something very bad happened to you and as a coping mechanism you want to do something very stupid. That could give you a very quick relief maybe a rush od adrenaline too, but the next day you wake up with 2+ problems instead of one.


detailed informations

the more detailed an information is the more unlikely it’s to be true.

Fil is italian. Likely to be true

Fil is Italian and he works in a bank. Less likely

Fil is Italian, he works in a bank. He hates is job put it pays for his London flat that he shares with his dog. His wife dumped him because… nobody really knows why. Even less likely to be true.

The 3rd one sound as a better story, and people like to listen to stories, but more detailed a story is the more likely to be untrue